The 1956 Federal Highway Act Which Had A Major Effect On The Automobile And The Construction Industries, (2024)

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President Dwight Eisenhower signed the National Defense Highway Act into law in June 1956, making it the biggest public works undertaking in American history.

The Act called for the construction of an interstate highway system based on the German autobahn, which the Nazis built prior to World War II to provide work for idle workers during the Depression. Eisenhower suggested a similar multilane, divided highway system for America in the 1950s after observing the post-war road system in Germany.

The Highway Act had two objectives: first, to create and build a network of highways as a joint federal-state initiative to provide mobility for Americans driving their own cars, and second, to make it easier for the military to move around in the event of a big war.

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republican- leaning counties in maryland outnumber democrat- leaning counties, yet more of the states U.S. Representatives are democratic rather than republican. what is most likely for this circ*mstance?


Democratic U.S. representatives in Maryland outnumber Republicans despite them having more counties because C. Congressional districts are proportionate to the population, which is mostly Democratic.

How are House of Representative members voted?

The representation of a state in the House of Representatives is based on the population of the state.

Republicans may have more counties supporting them in the state of Maryland, but the majority of the population in various counties support the Democratic party which is why they have more representation.

Options include:

A. Counties are only important during U.S. presidential elections, not congressional elections.B. The size of counties in mileage is more important than the number of counties.C. Congressional districts are proportionate to the population, which is mostly Democratic.D. Congressional districts in large population centers each elect more than one representative.

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What natural resources will you need to make an car



Car manufacturing requires a wide variety of natural resources including:

- Iron ore (for steel)

- Aluminum and petroleum (used in plastics production) for

the vehicle body, powertrain components and wheels

- Copper for the alternator and starter

- Platinum and palladium for the catalytic converter

- Rubber for tires

- Petroleum for polyester for cloth seats and headliners

- Polyurethane, produced from various industrial reagents, for seat

foam and headliners

- Animal hides for leather seats

- Lead, nickel or lithium for batteries

After the harsh winter of 1886-1887 a number of ranchers made a switch to raising ________.
a. buffalo
b. goats
c. sheep
d. horses


After the harsh winter of 1886-1887 a number of ranchers made a switch to raising sheep

The iciness of 1886–1887 saw the lack of hundreds of hundreds of animals, primarily cattle, from Montana south to Texas. Following a drought-filled summer season, blizzards began in November and endured thru February

The snow and cold temperatures made grazing almost impossible, and a few blizzards have been so extreme that many livestock disappeared from their herds, misplaced or useless. at the northern the front range, nearly 25 percent of cattle did no longer make it thru the winter of 1886–87, affecting both big landholders and smallholders.

The problem have become a catastrophe when, on January 9, 1887, a snowstorm hit, protecting elements of the top notch Plains in extra than 16 inches of snow. Winds whipped, and temperatures dropped to around 50 under. Few farmers had hay stored for their livestock, so many cows that were not killed by using the cold quickly died from hunger.

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Answer: During the song dynasty's rule of china, there were many political reforms. The people as a whole got more rights and as the song dynasty was a aristocracy, it gave the people a chance to work their way up to being a leader in the government which was unheard of before this in ancient china as every dynasty before this was purely hereditary.


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Which nineteenth-century scientist argued that an endless competitive struggle for survival over millions of years constantly generated new species of animals, while casting others into extinction?


Charles Darwin nineteenth-century scientist argued that an endless competitive struggle for survival over millions of years constantly generated new species of animals while casting others into extinction.

Charles Darwin invented nothing, but as a scientist and naturalist, he discovered a lot. As his author, he influenced science and how we think about the world. He developed and proposed a theory of evolution. His theories had a far-reaching impact on science and the way we understand life.

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution states that evolution occurs by natural selection. Individuals of a species exhibit different physical characteristics. This difference is due to genetic differences.

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Imaging you are explaining to a younger person what each of these terms means. What would you tell them?


Answer:1)Definition by synonym;(2) Ostensive definitions;(3) Stipulative definitions, and.(4) Analytical definitions. The appropriateness of a definition is measured by its usefulness.


What are the goals of all terrorists groups, regardless of ideology? Check all that apply.
to participate in criminal acts
Oto gain independence for a group
to frighten people into submission
to target symbolic places and events
to achieve social and political changes
to impose religion on nonreligious people
to destroy governments and create anarchy


The goals of all terrorists groups, regardless of ideology are -

to gain independence for a groupto target symbolic places and eventsto achieve social and political changes

What are terrorists?

Terrorism refers to a situation when a group of people disturbs the peace and harmony of a country by killing innocent people and spreading fear to achieve an ideological objective the individuals who perform this are called terrorists.

The objective of terrorism is to gain independence for a communal group to spread their ideology by targeting symbolic places to threaten people and for achieving changes in the socio-political system.

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Why did slavery start in the colonies?

How were enslaved Africans brought to the colonies?

What types of labor did enslaved people perform do in each colonial region: New England, Middle and the South?

Why was forced labor in each region different?

How was life difficult for enslaved Africans in colonial America?

What alternatives to slavery do you think the colonists could have used to solve the labor shortage?


Slavery started in the colonies because enslaved Africans were seen as a cheaper, more plentiful labor source than indentured servants, who were mostly poor Europeans.

African slaves were brought to the colonies pillaged from a slave ship. They were packed at the base of the sheep in opposite directions in order to prevent communication which may lead to revolt.

Enslaved people worked as farmers in large farms in the America. They also worked as carpenters, shipwrights, sailmaker, printers, tailors, shoemakers, coopers, blacksmiths, bakers, weavers, and goldsmiths

Forced labor was different in each region based on the slave masters and the type of work enslaved people performed.

Life was difficult for enslaved Africans in colonial America due to working long hours, living in crude conditions, and suffering abuses from their owners.

Alternative to labor which I think the colonialist should have used was allowing women work in order to make up for the labor shortage and also to invest in the innovation of tools that would have made work much easier.

What was the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

The Transatlantic slave trade refers to the capturing and shipping of Africans through slave ships to work in Europe and the Americas by slave masters.

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The 1980 liberty city riot in ______ was started by the police killing of an unarmed african american who ran a red light. group of answer choices


The 1980 liberty city riot in Florida was started by the police killing of an unarmed African American who ran a red light. group of answer choices.

Riots are a form of civil disorder usually characterized by groups taking action against power, property, or people in violent public riots. Riots usually involve the destruction of public or private property. The target depends on the excesses and inclinations of the parties involved.

Riot is defined as a riot or riot by a crowd, an outburst or outburst of uncontrolled emotions or feelings. Violent protests in the streets are an example of riots. An aggressive art show that gets everyone really angry is an example of an art show that causes a riot.

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Select the correct answer. how did the services provided by the national council of la raza improve the lives of hispanics in the 1970s and 1980s?


The services provided by the National Council of La Raza improved the lives of Hispanics in the 1970s and 1980s when Farmworkers organized into a Union and received better pay.

of 36
Look at the map. Which feature of the map best illustrates the theme of
Click for the map
A. Lines of latitude and longitude
B. Scale
C. Map key
D. Compass rose


On any map, the theme of the map that best illustrates the theme of location is A. Lines of latitude and longitude.

What illustrates the them of location?

On maps, the theme of location is best shown by the lines of longitude and latitude drawn on the map. These imaginary lines are used to locate places by intersecting the line of latitude with that of longitudes.

Lines of latitude are horizontal and run across the world. They begin at the Equator and then spread out both North and South. A place that is north of the equator will have a degree location that ends with °N to show that it is north. An area to the South would have °S.

Lines of longitude are drawn vertically and start from the Prime Meridian and spread out to the East and West. Areas that are west of the Prime Meridian would be denoted as °W like all areas in America. Those who are in the East would be °E.

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What was the most striking difference between the dominicans and the franciscans?


Dominicans were scholarly preachers and Franciscans were evangelists this is the most striking feature between the Dominicans and the Franciscans.

St. Dominic, who founded the Dominican order in 1216, and St. Francis of Assisi, who founded the Franciscan order in 1210, were the two great founders of the orders of mendicant friars.

While both Orders were born within the Church, their lives, while seemingly different, shared the same goals for all who encountered them. For the Franciscans, it was through humility and selfless love for their neighbor that they were able to honor the Gospel and the Church. Whereas the Dominicans were known as the Gospel Hounds.

To know more about Dominicans and the Franciscans here



where did McCullough say that the teachings and the appreciation of history should begin?​



"Remember modesty?" McCullough also emphasized the importance of studying history. "There is so much to learn about life from those who went before us and to take no interest in what they went through, to show no respect for what they achieved is not just to be

, it' kfn ingratitude on our part," he said.


Identify 3
that help
lead to the
Age of





he/she know many things

Which statement best describes the main idea of the passage?
A. European countries lost control over many colonies in the
Americas in the 19th century.
B. Simón Bolívar played a role in liberating many South American
colonies in the 19th century.
C. Brazil became an empire after it won its independence from
Portugal in the 19th century.
D. Spain was hurt more by 19th-century colonial independence
movements than Portugal.


Simón Bolvar, a prominent figure in the movement and a member of the planter elite in Venezuela, was exiled.

He sent a letter outlining the present and potential outcomes of the independence movement from the island of Simón Bolívar played a role in liberating many South American

Option B is correct: Simón Bolívar played a role in liberating many South American colonies in the 19th century.

What impacted South America under Simon Bolivar?

Bolivar rose to fame as the most influential figure in South America, earning the moniker "El Libertador" (the liberator) for his role in fostering national independence from Spain.

In Latin America, July 24 is now recognized as Simon Bolivar Day. The American Revolutionary War served as inspiration for Bolivar. Bolivar was a revolutionary who fought to free South America's colonies from the control of the Spanish Empire.

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What did the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) limit in order to reduce the likelihood that either the Soviet Union or the United States would launch a nuclear first strike


The main purpose of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) is to strengthen military and space programs.

What did the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) agreement serve to achieve?

The Soviet Union and the United States engaged in Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) negotiations to limit the production of nuclear-capable strategic missiles.The first pacts, known as SALT I and SALT II, were designed to stop the nuclear arms race in strategic (long-range or intercontinental) ballistic missiles. They were signed by the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1972 and 1979.The Treaty on Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Systems and the Interim Agreement and Protocol on Limitation of Strategic Offensive Weapons were the two most significant accords that emerged from the resulting complex of agreements (SALT I).

Learn more about the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) with the help of the given link:


08.04 HURRY 100 POINTS))) Which of the following statements about the Civil War is best supported by the data in the graph?

The Union and the Confederacy had nearly equal amounts of property destruction.
The Union spent over double the amount of money of the Confederacy.
The Confederacy experienced a higher loss of human capital.
The Civil War did not have a large impact on the economy of the South or the North.


The true statements about the Civil War that is best supported by the data in the graph is that the Union and the Confederacy had nearly equal amounts of property destruction.

What was the Civil War?

The conflict arises because the South wanted slavery and the North wanted freedom subsequently leading to the tensions leading to the war.

The civil war basically started when the confederates bombarded the Union Soldiers at Fort Sumter, South Carolina on April 12, 1861 and this signal the long conflict in the United States.

Hence, according to the attached graph, the true statements about the Civil War that is best supported by the data in the graph is that the Union and the Confederacy had nearly equal amounts of property destruction.

Therefore, the Option A is correct.

Read more about Civil War


B. The Union spent over double the amount of money of the Confederacy

The graph shows four different economic effects of the American Civil War: Government Expenditures, Property Destruction, Loss of Human Capital in terms of estimated costs in millions of 1860 dollars. According to the data presented in the graph, the Union spent $2,302 million on the war effort, while the Confederacy spent only $1,032 million, which means that the Union spent over double the amount of money of the Confederacy.

In a survey conducted by aarp (2004), one of the reasons middle-aged and older men cited for wanting a divorce was:______.


In a survey conducted by AARP (2004), one of the reasons middle-aged and older men cited for wanting a divorce was verbal, physical, or emotional abuse.

Divorce is the termination of a marriage or marital relationship. Divorce usually involves the cancellation or rearrangement of the legal obligations and responsibilities of marriage, thereby terminating the marital relationship between husband and wife, subject to the rule of law of that country or state.

According to various studies, the three most common causes of divorce are conflict, fighting, irreparable relationship breakdown, lack of commitment, infidelity, and lack of physical intimacy. The rarest reasons are lack of common interests and incompatibility between partners.

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Use the drop-down menus to complete the statements. Egyptian civilization was centered along the . Agriculture flourished, because the river each June, leaving behind , which had the nutrients needed for plants to grow bigger and stronger. Egypt's main crops were papyrus, used to make , and barley, used to make .


The answers to the questions are

Egyptian civilization was centered along the Nile river.Agriculture flourished, because the river each June flooded leaving behind rich soil,Egypt's main crops were papyrus, used to make paper, and barley, used to make bear.

What was Egyptian civilization?

This was the term for the civilization that was known to have been developed along the Nile river. The reason the civilization was built in the area was because there was flooding annually in the area that brought about rich soil for the crops to thrive.

The area was known to have produced a lot of resources for the economy to thrive as well as the production of other goods.

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The height of the dome at hagia sophia (9-5, 9-9) is made possible by what byzantine architectural device transferring the weight from the dome to the piers beneath rather than the walls?


A good way to create the most important interior space possible, the architects designed a tremendous significant dome and supported it with the use of a modern production method known as pendentives. Hagia Sophia uses four triangular pendentives to afford the transition from a rectangular space up to the round area to be crowned by using a dome. This structure absolutely allowed the architects of Byzantine to construct the Hagia Sophia.

Hagia Sophia uses four triangular pendentives which permit for the load of the round dome to transition to a square assisting superstructure without huge pillars or columns interrupting the inner area.

In 559 A.D., an earthquake tumbled the dome. It was rebuilt to a smaller scale, and the whole church became strengthened from the outdoor. After the Turkish conquest of Constantinople (1453), Hagia Sophia have become a mosque, and the ornate indoor mosaics have been obscured by way of layers of plaster and painted ornament.

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Select all the correct answers. in what two ways did the great recession of 2008 affect americans?


The Great Recession, recovery changed into slow and choppy, and the wider social effects of the downturn, inside the united states.

Historically high degrees of student debt and diminished task prospects among young adults. The Great Recession turned into the sharp decline in financial interest during the past due 2000s. it is taken into consideration the most full-size downturn since the amazing melancholy. The time period excellent Recession applies to each the U.S. recession, officially lasting from December 2007 to June 2009, and the ensuing international recession in 2009.

Student Debt in the US. The average college debt among pupil mortgage borrowers in America is $32,731, according to the Federal Reserve.

DISCLAIMER:- Your question is incomplete, see full question:-

Select ALL the correct answers.

In what two ways did the Great Recession of 2008 affect Americans?

Many people lost their homes and jobs.

There were lower levels of student debt.

Businesses around the country closed.

Consumer spending increased.

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If you were a European in the late 1400s and you heard about Vasco de Gama and all the wealth Portugal was finding in India, do you think you would sign up to be a world explorer? Why or why not?


It's likely that if you were a European in the late 1400's and heard about Vasco da Gama and all the wealth Portugal was finding in India, you would sign up to be a world explorer, for the fact that that was the big goal for the society in the period, just as scientific and technological development is a scope of current society.

Who was Vasco da Gama?

He was a renowned Portuguese navigator and explorer, who at the time of maritime exploration and Portuguese domination, was responsible for commanding the maritime expeditions that led to the discovery of the way to India in 1489, which culminated in the enrichment of Portugal through the trade routes with India.

Therefore, Vasco da Gama led the longest sea voyage of the period, culminating in a discovery that revolutionized the history of the great navigations, instituting the commercial monopoly of spices, precious metals and fabrics in India.

Find out more about Vasco da Gama here:


What were the significant changes in american art and literature in the first half of the nineteenth century?


Many scholars argue that the rise of the middle/operating magnificence, “with its emphasis on social fluidity and person self-dedication,” led to expanded literacy, reading, and hence manufacturing and consumption of novel-like texts (Lumen mastering).

Americans had been divided by means of sectionalism and slavery, however, they have been united by nationalism and an optimistic notion of the possibility of improving themselves and society. those ideas were expressed in and bolstered with the aid of American artwork and literature.

Even though many early American settlers were well-examined and knowledgeable, maximum writings had been non-public journals or political essays. folks art, which includes signs, flags, and quilts was not unusual. America started to increase its very own literary and inventive voice in the early-to-mid 1800s. American literature is the body of written works produced in the English language in America.

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Select ALL the correct answers. What three situations deepened the divide between Republicans and Democrats in the 1990s


The three situations which led to deeper divide between the Republicans and the Democrats in the 1990s were:

The disagreements and battles over the federal budget.The Republicans' legislative plan known as the "Contract with America."The midterm elections of 1994, which made Newt Gingrich the House SpeakerWhy did the Democrats and the Republicans become more polarized in the 1900s?

The Republicans had the goal of reducing federal spending and asking for lower taxes which was the hallmark of their "Contract with America' campaign.

This was in direct contrast with the Democrats who wanted more taxes and larger spending for social causes. This led to a lot of disagreements over the federal budget.

The midterm elections of 1994 allowed the Republicans to take control of Congress and implement their agenda so this infuriated the Democrats.

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Select all the correct answers. what are three reasons for reagan’s government shutdowns?


The correct option is A.

They pressured Democrats and Republicans to resolve the budget crisis.

What is Democrats?

One of the two main modern political parties in the United States is the Democratic Party. The oldest functioning political party in the world was primarily founded in 1828 by Martin Van Buren, who brought together a large group of legislators from every state to support war hero Andrew Jackson.

What is budget crisis?

An impasse between the legislative and executive branches of a presidential administration that prevents the passage of a budget is known as a budget crisis.

Typically, a budget deficit results from spending more than it brings in. The phrase is frequently used in reference to federal spending and the national debt.

To know more about Democrats visit:


I understand that the question you are looking for is:

How did the government shutdowns at the end of 1995 and beginning of 1996 affect the nation?

A. They pressured Democrats and Republicans to resolve the budget crisis.

B. They created a Constitutional crisis that led to President Clinton's impeachment.

C. They led President Clinton to propose a "third way" to approach American politics.

D. They resulted in a new policy that prevented similar shutdowns in the future.

What were the strategies and achievements of the civil rights movements in the 1960s and what divisions emerged among the activists?



The movement's overall strategy combined litigation, the use of mass media, boycotts, demonstrations, as well as sit-ins and other forms of civil disobedience to turn public support against institutionalized racism and secure substantive reform in US law.

Why might the united states have created a military blockade to stop the delivery of soviet weapons to cuba? the united states hoped to prevent delivery of weapons to cuban forces. the united states planned to buy the weapons before they reached cuba. the united states promised cuba protection against soviet advances. the united states marines were negotiating with soviet naval forces.


The United States hoped to prevent delivery of weapons to Cuban forces.

The dispute between the United States, the Soviet Union, and Cuba in October 1962 is known as the Missile Crisis in Cuba and was started by the United States' discovery of Soviet medium-range nuclear missile bases on Cuban soil.

Kennedy delivered a 17-minute broadcast speech to the American public on October 22, 1962. There, he discussed enforcing a quarantine and "naval siege" around the island of Cuba for the first time in public. On October 23, American warships and aircraft were sent to the Caribbean Sea to carry out an actual air-naval blockade in accordance with this measure.

When it is confirmed that Soviet mid-range ballistic missile bases have been established on the island of Cuba, the Organization of American States (OAS), under pressure from the US, imposes sanctions on the Cuban government and decides on a naval blockade of it in an operation known as Quarantine, the main goal of which was to stop the arrival by sea of the necessary components to continue developing the aforementioned bases.

Why did Uruguay abstain in the Cuban Missile Crisis vote?

Uruguay voted no because it had not received instructions from its own administration, resulting in a 19-0 victory. The declaration, formally titled "interdiction of the delivery of offensive weapons to Cuba," gave the U.S. military and air force the right to obstruct the transport of weapons to the Castor regime.

Learn more about Cuban missile crisis:


In a paragraph, analyze the Great Compromise during the Constitutional Convention. What problem did it
solve? What were the alternatives?


The Great Agreement was a constitutional compromise between great and small states. Convention solved the government's inability to levy taxes. The Great Compromise readily fixed this. It equalized state representation. Alternatives were two. First, Virg/inia, then New Jersey.

The Virgi/nia Plan envisioned three branches. Legislative, executive, judicial. Legislature would have an upper and lower house.

The New Jersey proposal offered a similar approach, but with one house having trade and taxing authority and one vote per state. Big states preferred the Virg/inia Plan, while smaller states preferred the New Jersey Plan. All states reached a compromise.

The Great Compromise created the Senate and House of Representatives. Each state had equal Senate members, while the House was based on population.

This is further explained below.

What is Constitutional Convention. ?

Generally, The official process of drafting a constitution for the United States of America began in 1787 with the convening of a gathering called the Constitutional Convention. The document that is used as the primary source of legal authority in the United States is called the Constitution of those states.

In conclusion, The Ultimate Sacrifice in Terms of The Senate and the House of Representatives were both established as a result of the "Great Compromise." The number of senators representing a state's delegation in the Senate was proportional to the state's population.

Read more about Constitutional Convention.


A constitutional settlement known as "The Great Agreement" or "The Great Compromise" quickly resolved the issue of the government's incapability to impose taxes. It appropriately represented states. The Virgi/nia plan and the New Jersey proposal were the two options.

Three branches were planned for the Virgi/nia Plan. Judicial, executive, and legislative. There would be an upper and lower chamber of the legislature.

With one vote per state and one house with the power to tax and trade, the New Jersey proposal took a similar strategy. While smaller states supported the New Jersey Plan, larger states favored the Virgi/nia Plan. However, all states came to an agreement.

The Senate and House of Representatives were established by the Great Compromise. While the House was based on population, each state had an equal number of senators.

What led to deep political and ideological splits between anti-federalists and federalists?


Jefferson's own Enlightenment-bred scientific interest in the geology and ethnography of the area. He viewed education as necessary to transform citizens into productive and informed voters and this led to deep political and ideological splits between anti-federalists and federalists.

Federalist was co-founded by Ben Domenech and Sean Davis. Managing editors include David Harsanyi and Mollie Hemingway. Domenech wrote that The Federalist was inspired by the mission and worldview of Time magazine's first editor, Henry Luce, who called it "a little [leaning] towards the political right."

It's conservative and given populist respect for the centrist." -class readers outside of New York and Washington, and abiding love of America in an era when teasing and irony weren't seen as substitutes for keen analysis." Described as vacant, with a “predominantly female workforce, half millennials and a quarter of minorities.”

Learn more about Federalists here :


The 1956 Federal Highway Act Which Had A Major Effect On The Automobile And The Construction Industries, (2024)
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