In The Decades Following The Great War, The Economies Of Most African Colonies Were Dominated By? (2024)

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In the decades following the great war, the economies of most African colonies were dominated by the export of tropical raw materials. In the post war era, most of the African colonies imported manufactured goods for raw materials.

Agriculture was the primary activity in the African colonies and hence, the economy was mostly dependent on the agricultural yield. The colonial government focused mainly on the plantations and new methods of raising the export of raw materials and foodstuffs.

Cotton, cocoa, and food crops were the major raw materials that were exported. The natives in the African colonies were also forced to compulsory cultivation of crops such as maize, beans, millet, wheat, etc.

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Which mid-1960's popular music innovation ushered in by the beatles is evident between 0:10 and 0:32 on magical mystery tour?


The mid-1960s popular music innovation ushered in by the Beatles that is evident between 0:10 and 0:32 on the magical mystery tour is:

The tape compositionWhat were the inventions in the mid-1960s?

In the middle part of the 20th century, America witnessed a lot of changes in its entertainment scene. The introduction of tapes was one of these and the innovations were spearheaded by African-Americans.

Tape compositions were one such innovation that could be seen between 0:10 and 0:32 on the magical mystery tour.

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Minorities weren't allowed to serve in the military during World War I.
O True





Minorities were able to serve in all branches of the Army except for the aviation units. The government made no provision for military training of black/minority officers and soon created segregated training camps for that purpose. Disheartened, minorities protested against this discriminatory practice. Black draftees were treated with extreme hostility when they arrived for training. White men refused to salute black officers and black officers were often barred from the officer's clubs and quarters. The War Department rarely interceded, and discrimination was usually overlooked or sometimes condoned.


Explanation: false

What kind of economy does China have?
O Developed


China is a developing/emerging economy.

China has a Developing kind of economy. Thus, option D is correct.

What is an economy?

An economy is a collection of interconnected energy producing and spending that eventually decide how resources are distributed within one community.

The demands of persons who live there and conduct business there are met by the manufacturing and utilization of things and services as a whole.

Over the past several decades, China's production has increased to become one of the biggest or most influential countries on the planet.

China's GDP, measured in relation to other currencies, is currently the greatest resulting from industrial export earnings of manufactured goods. China's economy is a developing economy and an uplifting one.

Therefore, option D is the correct option.

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What watershed event occurred on november 9, 1989, that changed the political landscape of the world?


The watershed event that occurred on November 9, 1989, that changed the political landscape of the world is the fall of the heavily fortified and guarded Berlin Wall.

What was the effect of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989?

The collapse of the berlin wall in 1989 was primarily responsible for the political changes around the world.

The fall of the Berlin Wall was the first step towards German reunification because the political, economic and social influence of the fall of the Berlin Wall further cut the already unstable East German government.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was a climacteric moment, not just in the Cold War but in the history of modern Europe. It was brought about by political reforms inside the Soviet bloc, escalating pressure from the people of eastern Europe and eventually, confusion over an East German command to open the border.

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Select the correct answer. how did the services provided by the national council of la raza improve the lives of hispanics in the 1970s and 1980s?


The services provided by the National Council of La Raza improved the lives of Hispanics in the 1970s and 1980s when Farmworkers organized into a Union and received better pay.

The height of the dome at hagia sophia (9-5, 9-9) is made possible by what byzantine architectural device transferring the weight from the dome to the piers beneath rather than the walls?


A good way to create the most important interior space possible, the architects designed a tremendous significant dome and supported it with the use of a modern production method known as pendentives. Hagia Sophia uses four triangular pendentives to afford the transition from a rectangular space up to the round area to be crowned by using a dome. This structure absolutely allowed the architects of Byzantine to construct the Hagia Sophia.

Hagia Sophia uses four triangular pendentives which permit for the load of the round dome to transition to a square assisting superstructure without huge pillars or columns interrupting the inner area.

In 559 A.D., an earthquake tumbled the dome. It was rebuilt to a smaller scale, and the whole church became strengthened from the outdoor. After the Turkish conquest of Constantinople (1453), Hagia Sophia have become a mosque, and the ornate indoor mosaics have been obscured by way of layers of plaster and painted ornament.

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In a survey conducted by AARP (2004), one of the reasons middle-aged and older men cited for wanting a divorce was verbal, physical, or emotional abuse.

Divorce is the termination of a marriage or marital relationship. Divorce usually involves the cancellation or rearrangement of the legal obligations and responsibilities of marriage, thereby terminating the marital relationship between husband and wife, subject to the rule of law of that country or state.

According to various studies, the three most common causes of divorce are conflict, fighting, irreparable relationship breakdown, lack of commitment, infidelity, and lack of physical intimacy. The rarest reasons are lack of common interests and incompatibility between partners.

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Does morrison's version of the event match what you see in the video? what differences can you see between the two? what similarities are there.​


Based on Morrison's version of the Hindenburg disaster, it can be said that his version of the event matches what is in the video for the most part. The only difference is the number of people on board.

Who was Herbert Morrison?

He was a reporter that covered the arrival of the Hindenburg to New Jersey and so was there when it caught flames and crashed to the ground, killing 35 people.

Morrison's version of the event were accurate because he saw it happen before his eyes. From the rain to the Hindenburg catching flames and then crashing after falling on its mooring mast.

The only difference is that Morrison thought the number of people on board were 106 when in fact they were 97 people.

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Select all the correct answers. in what two ways did the great recession of 2008 affect americans?


The Great Recession, recovery changed into slow and choppy, and the wider social effects of the downturn, inside the united states.

Historically high degrees of student debt and diminished task prospects among young adults. The Great Recession turned into the sharp decline in financial interest during the past due 2000s. it is taken into consideration the most full-size downturn since the amazing melancholy. The time period excellent Recession applies to each the U.S. recession, officially lasting from December 2007 to June 2009, and the ensuing international recession in 2009.

Student Debt in the US. The average college debt among pupil mortgage borrowers in America is $32,731, according to the Federal Reserve.

DISCLAIMER:- Your question is incomplete, see full question:-

Select ALL the correct answers.

In what two ways did the Great Recession of 2008 affect Americans?

Many people lost their homes and jobs.

There were lower levels of student debt.

Businesses around the country closed.

Consumer spending increased.

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What were the strategies and achievements of the civil rights movements in the 1960s and what divisions emerged among the activists?



The movement's overall strategy combined litigation, the use of mass media, boycotts, demonstrations, as well as sit-ins and other forms of civil disobedience to turn public support against institutionalized racism and secure substantive reform in US law.

Type your response in the box How was North Africa of strategic value to the Germans during World War II


During World War II, the Germans valued the North African region strategically because it provided easy access to the Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Canal.

Why was North Africa of strategic importance in ww2?

Control of the Suez Canal, access to Middle Eastern oil, and raw resources from Asia were all at stake in the battle for North Africa. Due to the rising mechanization of modern armies, oil in particular had become a crucial strategic commodity.

Why did the Germans get involved in North Africa?

Adolf Hitler created the Afrika Korps in January 1941 with the express intent of aiding his Italian Axis partner in maintaining territorial gains in North Africa. Germany must support Italy in Africa for strategic, political, and psychological reasons, the Fuhrer proclaimed.

What happened in Africa during ww2?

Thousands of soldiers from West Africa were deployed to the front lines in Europe starting in 1939. Numerous men from the British colonies had to do non-combat duties like becoming bearers. African troops gave their lives in support of their European colonial overlords in France, Germany, Italy, India, Burma, and in the Pacific islands.

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Next, think more about the four main causes of World War I. Which cause do you think had the biggest impact on starting the war


The four main causes of World I. militarism, alliances, imperialism and nationalism.

The commenced specially because of Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism and Nationalism. Armies end up capability threats to other international locations, different nations started out forcing alliances with the intention to comfy land. Greater specially, a few have argued that wars are fought more often than not for monetary, spiritual, and political motives. Others have claimed that most wars today are fought for ideological motives.

Nationalism is the concept of selling the hobbies of a specific nation. often it includes pursuits of masses for the sovereignty of their very own united states or hometown. Nationalists suppose that the pleasant way to make this appear and keep away from manage or oppression by others is for each group to have their very own kingdom.

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The oldest known literary work which comes from Mesopotamia. It deals with subjects such as the meaning of life, death, and immortality;'


The oldest known literary work is The Epic of Gilgamesh comes from Mesopotamia. It deals with subjects such as the meaning of life, death, and immortality.

The story of Gilgamesh focuses on human life and human concerns. Gilgamesh is celebrated for his human achievements (he loves his friends more than himself, protects his city, and learns to accept death) rather than his divinity.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of his great literary works and one of his oldest. It was first discovered in ancient Mesopotamia in the early 2000s BC. An excellent translation is provided by Andrew George (Penguin Classics 1999).

Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, and his companion Enkidu, the only surviving heroes from the ancient literature of Babylon, are immortalized in this epic that dates back to the 3rd millennium BC. B.C. Together they travel to the Fountain of Youth, defeat the Bull of Heaven, and defeat the monster Humbaba.

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Question 1
When the Spanish returned to New Mexico after the Pueblo Revolt they settled along



El Paso, in Ysleta del Sur Pueblo


What led to deep political and ideological splits between anti-federalists and federalists?


Jefferson's own Enlightenment-bred scientific interest in the geology and ethnography of the area. He viewed education as necessary to transform citizens into productive and informed voters and this led to deep political and ideological splits between anti-federalists and federalists.

Federalist was co-founded by Ben Domenech and Sean Davis. Managing editors include David Harsanyi and Mollie Hemingway. Domenech wrote that The Federalist was inspired by the mission and worldview of Time magazine's first editor, Henry Luce, who called it "a little [leaning] towards the political right."

It's conservative and given populist respect for the centrist." -class readers outside of New York and Washington, and abiding love of America in an era when teasing and irony weren't seen as substitutes for keen analysis." Described as vacant, with a “predominantly female workforce, half millennials and a quarter of minorities.”

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08.04 HURRY 100 POINTS))) Which of the following statements about the Civil War is best supported by the data in the graph?

The Union and the Confederacy had nearly equal amounts of property destruction.
The Union spent over double the amount of money of the Confederacy.
The Confederacy experienced a higher loss of human capital.
The Civil War did not have a large impact on the economy of the South or the North.


The true statements about the Civil War that is best supported by the data in the graph is that the Union and the Confederacy had nearly equal amounts of property destruction.

What was the Civil War?

The conflict arises because the South wanted slavery and the North wanted freedom subsequently leading to the tensions leading to the war.

The civil war basically started when the confederates bombarded the Union Soldiers at Fort Sumter, South Carolina on April 12, 1861 and this signal the long conflict in the United States.

Hence, according to the attached graph, the true statements about the Civil War that is best supported by the data in the graph is that the Union and the Confederacy had nearly equal amounts of property destruction.

Therefore, the Option A is correct.

Read more about Civil War


B. The Union spent over double the amount of money of the Confederacy

The graph shows four different economic effects of the American Civil War: Government Expenditures, Property Destruction, Loss of Human Capital in terms of estimated costs in millions of 1860 dollars. According to the data presented in the graph, the Union spent $2,302 million on the war effort, while the Confederacy spent only $1,032 million, which means that the Union spent over double the amount of money of the Confederacy.

Location was an important factor for China because:

1) it left China open to attack from all directions.

2) it isolated China.

3) it aided exchange with other people.

4) it made the country mountainous.



It Isolated China.


Because of its geography, the only way China’s trying to reach major power like the west is via vast deserts or vast ocean. China however has been in touch with its neighbours like Japan and Korea. China has been set physically isolated from any major powers in the world apart from its East Asian buddies.

The other reason is because the Chinese don’t need trade goods from the outside world, they are capable of creating and innovating amazing things on their own, outside world needs Chinese good but the Chinese aren’t fond of having Europeans’ goods. Despite the failing Qing’s rule, China’s economy is completely self sufficient even until the Opium wars, when China was forced to open its market to the world by terribly unethical ways.

Chinese have been able to overthrow corrupted emperors and establish a new dynasty for themselves which typically will reach the peak of prosperity eventually, the most notable ones are Qin ( for the first time, rival Chinese states are united ), Han, Sui, Tang, and Ming dynasties (Ming’s ocean fleet was the largest in the world and had defeated the Portuguese before, it’s a shame that the emperor though that spending on voyages is a waste and shut the country, making China eventually being unable to catch up the industrial revolution in the west)

China has been the most advanced nation and the centre of the world for a long time, other civilisations are happy to trade with China, and China had been profusely praised by Europeans voyagers before for its efficiency in stabilising the country in every aspects, and now they are competing with the world’s largest economy !!! The world’s gonna taste the not-isolated-anymore China.

Thank you,


What are some similarities that the peoples and civilizations of africa and oceania have with other civilizations you've learned about?


The scope of world history is vast, covering everything from The World Since 1945 to the Origins of Human Society and Early Civilizations (4000–1000 BCE).

What are the similarities?

Items are used by historians to draw conclusions about historical life. Early times are not represented by any written records. However, some of the ones that do exist find it difficult to comprehend. Because of this, people now use archeology to make assumptions about life in the past. Every civilization shares some characteristics with the others. There are also some commonplace items if we discuss some of the shared traits that the peoples and civilizations of Africa and Oceania have with other civilizations. Agriculture is the first area where the civilizations have in common. The people engaged in some type of farming at every age through farming, hunting, and animal care. Second, they share the same socialization and hierarchy. For a very long time, humans were social creatures who lived in 20–30 person groups. Additionally, they are forced to relocate due to weather-related changes in the animal and plant life cycles.

Learn more about civilizations of africa and oceania with the help of the given link:


Why is it important for an historian to consider the historical context of when a document was produced?.


In order to get the proper information about the incident and the surroundings of the scenario so they are able to get precise information about the happenings.

What is the historical context?

Knowing that the people who developed materials may have had thoughts and beliefs that varied greatly from what we now consider "normal" is known as historical context.

Understanding historical context enables us to practice historical empathy, which is the ability to comprehend historical sentiments without passing judgment on them.

For instance:

Romans in antiquity might use exceedingly disparaging language regarding slaves while writing letters. Knowing the historical setting enables us to understand that slavery was common at the time and that other Romans did not view the statements as being "bad." Because of this, even while we do not support slavery today, understanding the context enables us to understand the main source's point of view.

Knowing the significant historical events that occurred at the time the source was created is another aspect of the historical context. People frequently were inspired to produce sources in a particular way by unique circ*mstances. Because of a recent incident, the creator might have expressly addressed certain persons or events, or utilized specific terminology.

Therefore, historical content of when was document made is extremely important as it helps the historians to verify the information, infer more about the incidents and help them prepare proper research-driven material.

For more information on historical content, refer to the following link:


Which nineteenth-century scientist argued that an endless competitive struggle for survival over millions of years constantly generated new species of animals, while casting others into extinction?


Charles Darwin nineteenth-century scientist argued that an endless competitive struggle for survival over millions of years constantly generated new species of animals while casting others into extinction.

Charles Darwin invented nothing, but as a scientist and naturalist, he discovered a lot. As his author, he influenced science and how we think about the world. He developed and proposed a theory of evolution. His theories had a far-reaching impact on science and the way we understand life.

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution states that evolution occurs by natural selection. Individuals of a species exhibit different physical characteristics. This difference is due to genetic differences.

Learn more about Charles Darwin here:


Select ALL the correct answers. What three situations deepened the divide between Republicans and Democrats in the 1990s


The three situations which led to deeper divide between the Republicans and the Democrats in the 1990s were:

The disagreements and battles over the federal budget.The Republicans' legislative plan known as the "Contract with America."The midterm elections of 1994, which made Newt Gingrich the House SpeakerWhy did the Democrats and the Republicans become more polarized in the 1900s?

The Republicans had the goal of reducing federal spending and asking for lower taxes which was the hallmark of their "Contract with America' campaign.

This was in direct contrast with the Democrats who wanted more taxes and larger spending for social causes. This led to a lot of disagreements over the federal budget.

The midterm elections of 1994 allowed the Republicans to take control of Congress and implement their agenda so this infuriated the Democrats.

Learn more about Democrats and republicans here:


of 36
Look at the map. Which feature of the map best illustrates the theme of
Click for the map
A. Lines of latitude and longitude
B. Scale
C. Map key
D. Compass rose


On any map, the theme of the map that best illustrates the theme of location is A. Lines of latitude and longitude.

What illustrates the them of location?

On maps, the theme of location is best shown by the lines of longitude and latitude drawn on the map. These imaginary lines are used to locate places by intersecting the line of latitude with that of longitudes.

Lines of latitude are horizontal and run across the world. They begin at the Equator and then spread out both North and South. A place that is north of the equator will have a degree location that ends with °N to show that it is north. An area to the South would have °S.

Lines of longitude are drawn vertically and start from the Prime Meridian and spread out to the East and West. Areas that are west of the Prime Meridian would be denoted as °W like all areas in America. Those who are in the East would be °E.

Find out more on the lines of latitude and longitude at



Explanation:i took test

What were the significant changes in american art and literature in the first half of the nineteenth century?


Many scholars argue that the rise of the middle/operating magnificence, “with its emphasis on social fluidity and person self-dedication,” led to expanded literacy, reading, and hence manufacturing and consumption of novel-like texts (Lumen mastering).

Americans had been divided by means of sectionalism and slavery, however, they have been united by nationalism and an optimistic notion of the possibility of improving themselves and society. those ideas were expressed in and bolstered with the aid of American artwork and literature.

Even though many early American settlers were well-examined and knowledgeable, maximum writings had been non-public journals or political essays. folks art, which includes signs, flags, and quilts was not unusual. America started to increase its very own literary and inventive voice in the early-to-mid 1800s. American literature is the body of written works produced in the English language in America.

Learn more about American literature here


what new religion emerged from jewish tradition?





Select all the correct answers. Which two characteristics made the Monroe Doctrine important to US foreign policy


It viewed European interference in the Americas as a threat to US national interests. It helped colonies in North and South America adopt a democratic form of government.

Answer: A and D


I took the test, I hope this helps!

here is the question



Here is the answer:



Why didnt the suspension bridge survive?​


The bridge towers stood constructed of strong structural carbon steel, the bridge confirmed no match for the violent movement, and collapsed. Following investigations and testing demonstrated that the bridge was vulnerable to vibrations caused by wind.

Why did the suspension bridge fail?

Even though the bridge towers stood constructed of strong structural carbon steel, the bridge confirmed no match for the violent movement and collapsed. Following investigations and testing demonstrated that the bridge was vulnerable to vibrations caused by wind.

A suspension bridge exists as a kind of bridge in which the deck stands hung below suspension cables on vertical suspenders. The primary structural elements of a suspension bridge system contain stiffening girders/trusses, the major suspension cables, main towers, and the anchorages for the cables at each end of the bridge.

Today, you can still find suspension bridges deep in the remote jungle as well as in most major cities.

To learn more about suspension bridges refer to:


Select the correct answer from each drop-down menu. India proved to be of great importance to the British in the nineteenth century. India was rich in natural resources. For example, it was a major supplier of to the British. India also had a massive population of about 300 million people. The Indian masses were a potential of finished British goods.


The Indian masses were a potential of finished British goods.

What is British goods?

English breakfast, scotch egg, shepherd's pie, cottage pie, steak and kidney pie, Yorkshire pudding, Black pudding, Cornish pasty, Bangers and Mash are some of the most popular British dishes.

Train travel expanded the world's horizons by speeding up industry and commerce and lowering the cost of international trade. Thomas Newcomen created the first commercially viable steam piston engine around 1712.

Sir Rowland Hill invented the postage stamp (1795–1879). Stephen Perry patents the rubber band in 1845. (dates not known). Joseph Wilson Swan invents the incandescent light bulb in 1878. (1828–1914). John Henry Holmes (dates unknown) invented the light switch in Shieldfield in 1884.

To know more about British goods follow the link:



The correct answers are "Economic", "Indigo", and "Customer".


Which statements about the events of September 11, 2001 are accurate?

1. The cities of New York and Washington, D.C., were targeted by terrorists.
2.Saddam Hussein and Iraq assisted al Qaeda in the terrorist attacks.
3.Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda planned and carried out the attacks on the United States.
4.he terrorists who planned and carried out the attack blamed the United States for serious problems in the Arab world.



Should be 1,3,4


Saddam Hussein was the leader of the sovereign nation of Iraq and if we had this intel back then we would have bombed Iraq to death days after the attacks

In The Decades Following The Great War, The Economies Of Most African Colonies Were Dominated By? (2024)
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