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1. You thought you didn't like Linus Tech Tips | AnandTech Forums

  • Aug 14, 2023 · Linus could fix this in five minutes: post a straight-up apology video, admit to the mistakes, and commit to do better. Go fix the Billet Labs ...

  • Until now. But now .. your opinion .. will change. For the worse. LTT had the bright idea to talk smack about Hardware Unboxing and Gamers Nexus - it does not go well.

2. FAF on Linus Tech Tips! - FAForever Forums

  • The recent video on Linux tech tips has a huge background for Forged Alliance, then if you look really really close you can see FAF on the desktop!

  • The recent video on Linux tech tips has a huge background for Forged Alliance, then if you look really really close you can see FAF on the desktop! YouTube (7:11)

3. Linus from Linus Tech Tips | Hypixel Forums

4. Linus Media Group

  • ... forum. It starts with a conversation. Tell us your communication or marketing ... Linus Tech Tips content was made in partnership with Creative BC in 2016 ...

  • Linus Media Group creates tech videos for Youtube and We do unboxings, reviews, and commercials.

5. Linus Tech Tips talks about FPGAs and mentions MiSTer

  • Always nice to see Mister being featured on a big channel, that's the second time they talk about Mister actually, the first one was about Mister ...

  • Unread post by aberu » Tue Jul 18, 2023 1:30 pm

6. Linus Tech Tips (Linus Media Group) vs Gamers Nexus | PC Gamer Forums

  • Aug 16, 2023 · Gamers Nexus alleges LMG has insufficient ethics and integrity. Linus Media Group response: From the video «The ...

  • Im not sure if anyone here has had their PC space blowing up with this new "drama", here are the videos for context (they are not short). Basically LTT is being called out for not only having inaccurate information about products and using unethical tactics to push information on its followers...

7. Linus Tech Tips pauses production as controversy swirls - The Verge

  • Aug 16, 2023 · The situation escalated on August 14th, when Gamers Nexus posted the video in response to Sebastian's comments on the forum, with a segment ...

  • The controversy continues to grow.

8. Linus Tech Tips | Wikitubia - Fandom

  • Facebook. LinusTech. Instagram and Threads. @linustech. Other media. Twitch · Forum · Website · Discord Server · Merchandise. Videos. 6.2K+. Schedule.

  • Linus Gabriel Sebastian (born: August 20, 1986 (1986-08-20) [age 37]), is a Canadian YouTuber, video presenter, technology demonstrator and advertiser known for making the tech analysis series Linus Tech Tips (or simply LTT). Linus is currently the third most-subscribed tech channel on YouTube, the first being Unbox Therapy and the other being Marques Brownlee. On a live stream, Linus Sebastian talked about a boy who had stage four leukaemia. The kid asked the Make a Wish Foundation for a person

9. Linus Tech Tips – RUCKUS WiFi6 APs

  • Oct 14, 2021 · CommScope RUCKUS Community Forums · Subscribe to RSS Feed · Mark Topic as New · Mark Topic as Read · Float this Topic for Current User · Bookmark ...

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