How to Plan the Perfect Engagement Photoshoot (2024)

Amidst the whirlwind of wedding preparations, there's a pause –a chapter of its own. The "yes" has been celebrated, a joyful confirmation of your journey together. Before the planning process starts to unfold, take a breath to relish your engagement! Even though the wedding ceremony will leave you with hundreds of precious photos, taking the time to memorialize this stage of the process with an engagement photoshoot will help the moment live on forever. Besides capturing some incredible portraits with your fiancé, you can also utilize these images for save the dates or your wedding invitations. With all the excitement, you may have a couple of questions about what makes the perfect engagement shoot and you may be looking for some engagement photo tips. Luckily for you, BeFunky is here to answer the hard-hitting questions and provide you with 5 steps on how to curate the perfect engagement photoshoot. With these engagement photo tips, you’ll have the perfect photos!

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How long after you get engaged should you take engagement pictures?

The short answer is that you can wait however long you want to have your engagement session! Typically couples make sure to take them 6-10 months before the wedding date, so if you don’t have a date yet or are going to have a short engagement the sooner the better. There is no minimum amount of time that you should wait to take them, many people plan a shoot around the actual engagement to make sure to capture the moment and to have professional engagement photos ready to use.

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What is a typical budget for engagement photos?

Engagement photography has a large range of costs, it can be anywhere from $200 all the way to $3000 and beyond. The range is so vast because it is dependent on factors such as location, photographer's experience, package inclusions, and the overall market in your area. The key is to choose a budget that feels appropriate for you and your partner and start searching for a photographer who can work within it. Social media platforms like Instagram are a great place to start your search.

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Start Planning Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Now that you have some of the cost and timing questions answered, it is time to get started on the fun details of your shoot! You don’t need to worry about planning with these five engagement photo tips!

Step 1: Gather Engagement Shoot Inspiration

Grab your favorite drink and your new fiancé and start talking about what you want your shoot! This should be a super fun time to get all your ideas out. Bring a paper and pen and jot down all the ideas you love, or start a Pinterest board for them. Using social media is a great way to find ideas for your shoot. Pinterest, Instagram, and photography blogs are great places to start. Simply search keywords like "engagement photo ideas," "engagement photoshoot poses," or specific themes that resonate with you. You can create boards or save posts that catch your eye.

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Step 2: Hire a Professional Wedding or Engagement Photographer

Once you have defined a budget, start searching for someone who can offer you what you want for the price you want to pay. As we mentioned earlier, social media is a great place to start finding your perfect wedding or engagement photographer match. Search for hashtags like “Wedding Photographer” or “Engagement Photography” in the city you are looking in.

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Step 3: Choose Your Engagement Photoshoot Outfits

Many photographers will have preferences as to what you should wear for your photos, some even have client closets for you to select your looks from. Be sure to consult with your photographer if there is anything that they do not want you to wear. The best thing to do is to opt for looks that are neutral tones and minimal patterns. This will keep your images looking timeless! Make sure your outfits are something that you feel comfortable and confident in. Make sure to keep your accessories simple to let the engagement ring be the center of attention.

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Step 4: Plan Your Shoot for the Best Time of the Day

Golden hour is one of the best times of day to capture photos, it creates instant romantic lighting. During golden hour, the sunlight passes through more of the Earth's atmosphere, which scatters the shorter blue and green wavelengths. This results in a warmer, golden quality of light that is soft and flattering. Having the light be diffused reduces harsh shadows and highlights, and creates a more even and appealing illumination.

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Step 5: Enjoy Your Engagement Photo Session

This last step seems like a no-brainer, but you should have fun during your engagement photos! Make sure to laugh with your partner! Make sure to stay loose and do engagement photo poses that feel fun and comfortable. Time flies in photoshoots like this, so it is best to not stress about it and be sure that it is loaded with fun. If you have negative emotions, they will be easy to see in the final results. You don’t want to look back on this day and remember how hard it was, but instead, it should be looked back on with fondness.

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Time to Celebrate Your Engagement!

You are now equipped with the knowledge of how to have the perfect engagement session, it is time to book it! After you have your photos back, make sure to post them everywhere, and you can even get started creating your Save the Dates with BeFunky’s Graphic Designer. Take a few minutes together to print and frame your photos and revel in the beginning of your love story. Before you know it there will be a million more things left on your checklist to finish up before the wedding, so enjoy this moment of calm.

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How to Plan the Perfect Engagement Photoshoot (2024)
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