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next question is for jim. what was your toughest interview and why? >> there is a lot of them but there was one interview with president obama three days before obamacare, because of the timing and the long answers, it became a very tough interview. but, worked out. but did ask whether you get to keep your doctor which ended up being a good question. lastly ken asked, what is the first set of golf clubs you remember playing? i didn't see this one chi chi rodriguez was the first set of golf clubs i ever remembered playing. okay. there you go. tomorrow on "special report" a house republican lawmaker escalating her campaign to make attorney general garland accountable for releasing audio of president biden. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. >> "the ingraham angle" is now. ♪ >> kayleigh: i'm kayleigh mcenany in for laura ingraham and this is the special edition of "the ingraham angle" new york

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city. going to kick a squad member to the curb. >> my brother jamaal bowman is under attack. >> we are going to show [bleep] aipac. [cheers] >> the power of the mother [bleep] south bronx. >> kayleigh: we will find out soon. polls are about to close for squad member jamaal bowman's new york primary. also tonight, is trump going to announce his vice presidential pick before the cnn presidential debate? we have some reporting on that. potential vp pick dr. ben carson is here to weigh in. plus, where is where is biden's doj runs stasm runs rampant across the country. [shouting]

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hillary and obama to the rescue. we got two days to go until the cnn presidential debate and the democrats are sending out their heavy weights. they are supposed to lift biden across the finish line. hillary gave anxious biden supporters a pep talk. it was in the pages of the "new york times" today. she lectured america on how we're supposed to watch the debate, here what happens she said, quote: too often we approach pivotal moments like this week's debate between president biden and donald trump like drama critics. we are picking a president, not the best actor. oh, so now hillary is concerned about too much acting in politics. maybe she should tell these folks. >> if trump returns to the white house, you can kiss these freedoms goodbye that we all take for granted. and elections, forget about them. that's over. that's done. >> julia roberts and george clooney are putting together the event. jimmy kimmel, of course, is

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moderating the conversation. >> we do not deserve scandals and chaos and threats of violence that come with a trump administration sure sounds likes biden thinks is he auditioning for best actor. at camp david, a movie theater in an air plane hanger outfitted with lights and production equipment to create mock debate stage. at least 16 current and former aids summoned from washington and wilmington wizzed back and forth on golf gharts strategy sessions. sounds like george clooney know joe biden preparing for a debate. why is hillary clinton giving advice any way? maybe she doesn't want biden to suffer the same fate as she did in 2016. >> you have to have some basic ability and sadly she doesn't have that. your husband signed nafta, which was one of the worst things ever happened. >> well, that's your opinion.

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>> that is your opinion. >> you go to new england, you go to ohio, pennsylvania, you go anywhere you want, secretary clinton, and you will see devastation. >> it's just awfully good that one with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> kayleigh: vintage trump. meanwhile obama is doing his best to save biden. new york magazine reports that biden publicly involved earlier than many anticipated. he has filmed 10 video clips that the biden team has used as digital advertisem*nts and more are likely to come. this as the campaign strategy use democrats of the past because no one is buying the current message of hey, guys, everything's fine. >> i have a nose for good campaigns. and i am so encouraged by what i smell and see around the country. i feel pretty on miss sting and about t.b. it and i feel proud of joe biden. i know he will do a good job of

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saying what we're doing next. >> kayleigh: as she seen the polls? she should go check them out. the biden campaign is teetering at the edge of the cliff. a bad appearance at the debate may see it come tumbling down there is nothing obama and hillary can do to stop that crash landing. joining us now is missouri senator josh hawley. senator hawley, great have you here. you know, hillary continued in that piece that she wrote to say biden has the facts and truth on his side and he just tells the story of the last three years, he will be a okay. the problem with that is the reporting that cnn has. here is what biden advisers say that biden must do in two days. >> sources are telling cnn that the president has now been told by his advisers to shy away from talking too much about what he has done for the bulk of the last three years. >> kayleigh: what does it neon

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if someone says shy away from your record? >> not good. >> the thing, is kayleigh, hey e has a lot of explaining to do. if you are a working man, your wages have been flat or declining under joe biden while the woke ceos are richer than they ever have been. if you are a working family, you cannot afford to buy gas. you can't afford to buy groceries, you have got to work two jobs just in order to make ends meet. what you can count on is the credit card companies are going to charge you 40 and 50% interest rate on credit card. the woke rich white liberals are getting richer under joe biden and working people are falling behind. do you like people coming across the border and shooting at our kids? do you like the chaos overseas? he has got to explain all of it. he can't explain any of it. >> i just laugh when the "new york times" reports is he planning to go on offense on the border. i'm not sure how do you that when young women like me. young mothers of five found dead

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at the hands of illegal immigrants. that assize, maggie haberman is pretty worried. here is what she is worried about that trump will do. >> i think he will be both, he will likely interrupt less, that's the lesson he took from the last debate or the first debate in 2020. and i think he will be very mean toward biden, i will be very surprised if he is anything other than that. >> kayleigh: big worry is trump is going to be mean to poor biden? >> yeah. well, the big worry ought to be the facts. i mean, here's the question to pose to joe biden, to the american people do you like chaos because that's what you got under joe biden. do you like chaos here at home? do you like chaos overseas? how many wars were we in when donald trump was president? zero. how many are we in now with joe biden? it's hard to keep track. what was gas under donald trump? i mean you could afford it. what is it now? nobody can fill their cars up. we can go down the list. it's total chaos and disaster, kayleah, that's why biden wants to talk about anything, anything other than his record.

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but his record is what is on trial here. this is a referendum on him. that's what this election is about. >> kayleigh: i love a what you said his record is on trial. that's not what he wants. he wants trump to be on trial. he has set an exception over the last few years that trump is some dictator, some menacing dictator so much so that hillary said. this a sentence from her "new york times" piece. exceptions for trump are so low if he doesn't literally light himself on fire on thursday evening, some will say he was down right presidential. so, that's what they are trying to do. right, senator? they are trying to make this a referendum on trump and personality. >> yeah, in fact, it's all about joe biden, this election is about joe biden and what he has done to this country, that's the choice between country, do you want more of joe biden, do you like paying this much for gas? do you like having this mortgage this high? do you like interest rates at this level? do you like 9 million illegal immigrant coming into this

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country and committing these crimes? that's what it is about, joe biden, the choice is really simple, if you don't want your lives and kids and neighborhoods in total kay office time to vote for trump. >> this elections is not about age. joe biden is a healthy, wise, 81-year-old able and willing to get to work every day. joe isn't one of isn't just one of the most respected presidents in spite of his age but because of it. >> kayleigh: who believes that? do you? i don't think anyone in america does. that's the treatment dr. jill biden is prescribing to voters who are concerned about biden's ability. but, are the people buying it? fox news digital went across the country ahead of the cnn presidential debate to ask voters if they're concerned. >> he is definitely too old to do it. the way the being run right now.

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everything going through. a lot better four years ago. >> with biden, yeah, as americans, we should be worried. >> if he was his age and was able to function, speak normally, do normal things like a human could be, that wouldn't be in the question. he is just not in a mental state to be a president at all. >> at the end of the day, it comes down to mental capacity and the ability to handle the job. and i think we have seen that biden absolutely struggles with that. >> kayleigh: joining us now is charlie hurt editor of "the washington times" and mollie hemingway editor and chief of the federalist. both are fox news contributors. charlie, they have to revia joe biden i want to back up for a minute. i was white house secretary, as a good communications staffer or prep person, you have to learn how to prep your boss. how do they consume information? our team learned pretty quickly. trump is not someone you are going to sequester at camp david for days.

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talk to informally. he got the facts in his mind. just have conversations about policy. i wonder if team biden has figured out how to prep him? i heard he took his policy book to france. he is now on a movie set. do they know what they are doing? >> surrounded by 16 or 18 staffers trying to prepare him. can you imagine donald trump being surrounded by 18 staffers telling him what he needs to say or what he needs to think? no. obviously, you know, donald trump -- one thing that he has no problem knowing is what he thinks. and when he gets in trouble, usually it's because everybody knows exactly what he is talking about when he says things. and he says things that, you know, the political set thinks you are not allowed to say. the problem for joe biden, and this is so clear, and they keep lying and trying to tell people that, you know, not to believe what you see with your own eyes. they try to act like that somehow what joe biden -- that joe biden is still with it. when he is talking, can you tell

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he has no idea what he is talking about. and when you look at the whole range of areas that he has destroyed around the world. and in this country, with his policies, it's more than just the fact that he has dropped the ball on everything, because he is old. it's that he is not even in control of his government and all of these actors within the government have free reign and who knows what their motives are in trying to destroy all of these things. >> kayleigh: mollie, here is what i do think is important from president trump. this is what we learned from debate one to debate two. we knew president trump would be in defensive posture. this is what the moderators will do. this is what jake tapper will do and dana bash will do. no friend friend of donald trump. they are there to support joe biden. we realize what we can do for trump is put together pivot points. i took the six topics kristen welker laid out. created six one sheets of debate

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game changer, ways to move from defense to offense. that is so important in this debate because if jake tapper could spend 90 minutes on january 6th, he will do it. >> >> yes, it will be important for him to think through how to respond to, -- you know, he is not debate just joe biden. is he debating the cnn moderates, that's actually very typical for republican candidate. not just going against democrat opponent. you are almost always going against the moderator or moderators as well. he has probably had a time to think through what he did poorly in first debate in 2020 and what he did well in the second debate rightly staned need to be presidential and policy. this is where president biden is weak. he has a very bad policy record. people are talking about how old he is. and how is he stumbling and mumbling, those are really big problems, the worst problems for him are his policies, a lot of the debate prep we are seeing him go through they are claiming doing movies and policy

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briefings. they are probably trying to get him on different sleep schedule and medical assistance he might be getting. usually does well on big moments. they are probably going to focus on that. nothing is going to take away the actual record of his administration. and that's where donald trump shines and that's where joe biden does poorly. the more that they focus on the record and he the policies that, is going to go psychiatry well for donald trump. >> kayleigh: whwithout a doubt. today there were nearly 250,000 posts talking about jake tapper. he has been trending for two days on x. not in a positive way. people pointing out that he has been so unfair to trump, pointing out his statements. do you think that weighs on him at all? do you think maybe he will come out and try to play this straight? because there is some pressure on him right now. >> it would be great if he was. but i don't think that they care. i think that they get lauded as you know better than anybody, they get lauded among their

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piers. by being nasty and unfair. and it is going to be 90 minutes of ambush for donald trump. and but, you know, as we have seen throughout the past and have you seen upclose with him. he often does his absolute best when everybody is trying to ambush him. >> kayleigh: yes, he did after that second presidential debate. he was jubilant on air force one. on marine one. he won and there was no doubt about it. charlie and mollie, thank you. >> thank you. >> kayleigh: did a.o.c. help fire marshall or will shut down the ghawd polls are closing soon in new york's primary. the latest next. ♪ ♪ [rap music] ♪

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then i started taking lipo flavonoid. with 60 years of clinical experience, it's the number one doctor recommended brand for ear ringing. and now i'm finally free. take back control with lipo flavonoid. >> we are here for our brother jamaal bowman. we want to turn out the vote. we are texting our friends. we are turning out. vote for jamaal bowman. >> s cease-fire that's what we'e doing. let's get her popping. let's change the world. it's the many versus the money. we're going to win, baby. >> we are going to take on aipac and quick some wall street [bleep] >> stop the bull.

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>> polls are closing noon new york's primary. despite all the help jamaal bowman received from left wing democrats is he in danger right now. listen to to this of become the very first democratic house member this cycle to lose a primary. and here's the big question. if bowman goes tonight, could other members of the squad be in trouble as well? the same tactic being deployed against bowman pro-israel groups is also now being sweelded against cori bush, another person who may go she still has primary coming up. cnn reporting that there are warning signs for biden's jewish support as the war in gaza drags on and anti-semitism rises. multiple jewish elected democrats and democratic voters told cnn about being disappointed and abandoned by progressive allies, a feeling, quote, politically homeless, both because they think biden has not done enough and because they worry he cannot control his left, joining us now is

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conservative columnist chris bedford. chris, so in an hour and 40 minutes, we will start getting news, as to if jamaal bowman could be the first democrat to lose his primary. i have two tea leaves. and i want to present them to you in sequence. the first tea leaf i have for you is early voting, is mail-in voting. this is according to the new york daily news. we have not independently confirmed this. but here it is. there were about 10,000 democratic voters that had cast their parking lot in west chester county. that's good news for george latimer. the democrat who is more tame than jamaal bowman. and then when you flip over to the bronx, there were only 6445 people who voted so far in the democratic primary. these are very, very early vote numbers. but that is good news for george latimer. >> it is. and i think jamaal bowman is actually in trouble. is he really the first person in the squad to actually for the democrats to be able to get

4:23 pm

their hooks into. it's been six years essentially of the squad bullying democrats and taking completely untenable positions and started to backfire. they are is really worn out their welcome. also worn out welcome with voters. that big rally he held with aoc and bernie sanders that wasn't even in his district. talking to the people of south bronx telling aipac where to go. he doesn't represent the south bronx. he represents a little bit of the north bronx. places like newer shell and white plains. is he north of that he is talking to the wrong voters. and the criticism is that he is more interested in fame. that is too anti-israel. he hasn't done anything at all to try to dissuade that he is has doubled down. i think is he actually in real trouble. >> kayleigh: i think. so there were about 1200 people there accord fog aoc. >> one tenth of what trump gathered. >> kayleigh: one tenth, great point. second piece of evidence and you teed it up perfectly.

4:24 pm

aoc. trouble in paradise. saw them jumping on stage together. this is according to the "new york post." aoc skipped out on the 3:30 p.m. event with jamaal bowman noting, quote, a shift in schedule, ouch. and as for tonight, she is supposed to got watch party, right? her schedule is still firming up. unclear if she will attend bowman's primary night watch party in yonkers. maybe i read too much into this. doesn't seem like aoc wants to be seen with him. >> i think that makes sense. the squad was able to push a lot of ideas that were pretty foreign even liberal democratic politics 2018 when they first showed up. whether it's defund the police or abolish ice. but what really opened them up to mass criticism from some of their own tints, especially in bowman's case was the october 7th attack. senilesly kind of clearly in some cases siding with hamas, calling them was rapes and murders a hoax or at least exaggerated. those are sorts of things that

4:25 pm

allowed hillary clinton or former governor andrew cuomo to come in and say we don't want this person representing democratic politics and kind of regain the high ground. they were so afraid of the squad for so long. so cowed into submission. now they feel like they have the moral high ground. they are hungry for it and going to strike. >> he apologized for some of that anti-semitism. it was conveniently during an election, of course. chris, thank you. [shouting. [] bleeping] >> whoa, whoa. >> kayleigh: in the united states of america. a woman, a jewish woman assaulted happened here in new york, too. where is the department of justice? this is happening in streets across the country. outside of a synagogue.

4:26 pm

solely because these men and women and their children are jewish. and the authorities are looking over here. they are looking the other way. is biden's doj prosecuting anyone like they do the pro-life protesters under the safe act? are they doing it to anyone else the face act it doesn't just protect those trying to enter a reproductive clinic. protects any person lawfully exercising or seeking to exercise the first amendment right of religious freedom at a place of religious worship and goes after those intentionally trying to damage those places like the l.a. synagogue. joining us now is matt whitaker former acting attorney general under trump. you know, matt, i am infuriated because i have seen as someone who is pro-life myself, guy to a lot of these clinics, i sit with a lot of people who are pro-life, they are the most loving, kindest, most wonderful people i have ever met. y the, this is who biden prosecutes.

4:27 pm

like this woman. look at her picture, 75-year-old pro-lifer. paula paul let harlow sentenced to prison for blocking access to an abortion clinic. did not assaulted anyone. we threw her in jail doj, two years, her husband may think she will die in there. she is elderly, she is sick. won't go after those attacking jewish men and women? why not? >> yeah, kayleigh, it's good to be with you. outrageous the full force of the federal government is only brought against conservatives, pro-lifers, parents at school board meetings, catholics, that attend latin mass and the list goes on. it's unfortunate that really there is hundreds of lawyers at the civil rights division in doj that are unwilling or uninterested in investigating these cases. to your point, the l.a. synagogue was blocked. they were blocking people from attending a worship service. and ultimately that, is the whole purpose of the department of justice and why the grant administration started the

4:28 pm

department of justice was to protect minorities and to protect those that are oppressed and to defend justice. that's the only department named after a virtue, kayleigh, and right now, under merrick garland, they are no wear to be found in protecting jewish people and people of that faith. >> kayleigh: seems like so selective i remember when mike lee asked merrick garland finding a way to go after the pro-life community but not pro-life clinics. they happen in the dark as if you can't find someone in the dark. insane. people are waking up. follow cotton tweeted. this and i want you to see what the response was to it because i think the response is important. tom cotton said if only you were in charge of the fbi and doj and could order them to conduct manhunt for every one of these pro-hamas lunatics like did you for every grandma in a maga hat within a country mile of the capital on january 6th. the response from this guy what is going on? i grew up a progressive

4:29 pm

democrat, tom cotton is saying things that make sense to me. do you think people are waking up and saying we see the disparity? >> i do. and the unbelievable resources that were used across the united states to not only investigate the folks that attended the j 6 rally but then to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, using novel legal theories and then none of those tools are founded. and in fact, you have cases being dismissed from folks that clearly are committing crimes. whether that's at columbia university, or across the country. you still have no justice in what happened in portland, in the summer of 2020 or the fire that occurred right across the street from the white house in the summer. so, it is clearly two tiered system of justice. and the sad thing is, this is exactly what joe biden and merrick garland want. they do not want their supporters who are radicals to be prosecuted because they need them to vote in the fall. >> yeah, this is before we get to the unprecedented legal

4:30 pm

theory of alvin bragg or the civil fraud legal theory, all against president trump, all unprecedented. matt, thank you. coming up, out of the cnn presidential debate, just as one trump gag order is partially lifted oh well another one might be coming down. we are on it. next. ♪ and get 0% apr for 84 months or up to $3,300 off select compact tractors. find your nearest dealer at here's why you should switch fo to duckduckgo on all your devie duckduckgo comes with a built-n engine like google, but it's pi and doesn't spy on your searchs and duckduckgo lets you browse like chrome, but it blocks cooi and creepy ads that follow youa from google and other companie. and there's no catch. it's fre. we make money from ads, but they don't follow you aroud join the millions of people taking back their privacy by downloading duckduckgo on all your devices today.

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this is what god wants from us. just feed the hungry. if you hear god's voice, i'm asking you to act now. do it when it's on your heart. i pray that they'll know in their final months that they're not alone. >> kayleigh: today judge juan merchan nationally issued the gag order against donald trump this as the trial finished weeks ago. as one is lifted jack smith is trying to impose a new one in the documents case in florida. jack smith's team is trying to convince the judge that trump is putting fbi agents in danger by criticizing the case. then he can't speak about the fbi. is he a presidential candidate. naturally, the judge is skeptical that this type of order is unconstitutional. that it would go against the

4:36 pm

first amendment. because of this, liberals are going nuts. trying to impeach her credibility yet again. >> judge cannon going out of her way to make the case that there's no threat to fbi agents. we don't need this gag order. as if we haven't watched what donald trump can unleash. >> this man's threats and his words have led to nancy pelosi's husband being bludgeoned nearly to death. countless death threats and people have had to get around the clock security. >> kayleigh: i thought we didn't attack judges. that's what they told us. anyway, joining me now mike davis, former law clerk for supreme court justice -- gorsuch, i should say and founder of the article three project sol wisenberg fox news contributor and former deputy independent counsel. let me start with you, mike, and i want to talk about this gag order. so, merchan partially lifts the gag order, so, trump can now

4:37 pm

address stormy daniels, he can address michael cohen. he can't talk about the jurors or his family members, but this comes, suspiciously timed 48 hours ahead of the debate. you know, was member khan thinking about the debate here and criticism he would get? what's going on with the timing? >> these gag orders or criminal defendants are clearly unconstitutional, they are illegal, restraints on first amendment rights, if anyone in america must have the constitutional right to speak out against the judge, the prosecutor, the investigators, the staffs, the witnesses, it is a criminal defendant going through the criminal process. and this judge juan merchan doesn't want president trump to talk at the debate about how his adult daughter, lauren merchan is raising millions of dollars off this unprecedented criminal trial over which her father presided requiring his recusal under new york statute, instead he retaliated against president trump and said he would throw

4:38 pm

trump in jail for mentioning this corruption. >> >> kayleigh: oh, but you can't talk about judge merchan only talk about judge aileen cannon. that's what they tell us. moving on to this your exact point and really good one that this is unconstitutional in my mind, sol, i saw this from an aclu am ming can you say brief and it was in relation to the judge chutkan gag order. i find it to be relevant to any of these gag orders. here is what the aclu, no friend of trump said. the obvious and unprecedented public interest in prosecution, as well as the widespread political speech that it has generated and will continue to generate onlyunder corse the need to applied most stringent and first amendment standard to a restraint on defendant's speech rights. they make the point that speech about these trials is inics trick cable from political speech in a campaign, sol. >> its core politic speech.

4:39 pm

judge wants to follow immoral fuss. it talks about substantial imminent foreseeable danger of his words threaten that he should be kept from speaking, president trump, former president trump. the other problem with it is there is no evidence of it, there is no evidence that anything he has said has endangered any agent. and one reason for that is that the -- there has already been a court order redacting any agent's name. so we haven't seen the name of any agent who participated in the search at mar-a-lago, mentioned. that was with the agreement of president trump's attorney. so i think that's the problem with the order. not only does it abridge core political speech, but it's an amorphous standard the government wants, and they have no evidence in support of it. that's the problem with it. >> kayleigh: i that's a huge problem. i want to ask you both about this quickly. we have wednesday's supreme court opinion. they announced thursday and friday as well.

4:40 pm

something around 18 opinions left. everyone wants to see the immunity opinion and the januar. and it will be hugely different if it drops thursday before the debate versus friday after. when do you think it comes, mike? >> i think that the presidential immunity decision will come out on friday, probably one of the last decisions the court issues. the court would normally probably issue the fisher decision on wednesday but because of the debate on thursday, they may wait to friday for both. >> kayleigh: fishinger opinion is the one that pertains to january 6th. sol, do you agree with that it comes after so as to not myer itself in politics or is that not a consideration? >> well, i will defer to mike on that. he clerked on the supreme court, i only got as high as the second circuit. >> kayleigh: pretty high. >> certainly makes sense. i don't think they are going to be going out of their way to exacerbate the situation

4:41 pm

politically. they have already been accused very unfairly in my view of being political, so i don't disagree with mike. >> kayleigh: second surrogate is no small potatoes, mike and sol, thank you very much. is trump going to announce his vice presidential de pick before the debate. dr. ben carson is here next. ♪

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before they neat meet in addition chris also a vada tweeting this out today quote, heading to west palm. question is who is with me? hmmm. and fueling more speculation. >> a trump campaign spokesperson, quote treating saying can't wait, exciting stuff. i think it's all a head fake but a brilliant one at that trump vice presidential pick dr. all

4:47 pm

the time on on social media why haven't you spoken to dr. carson yet is he our favorite. there is a lot of love for you out there. if you were selected as vice president. you worked for trump as four years as hud secretary. is that a job you would likes a v.p. >> first off, kayleigh, thank you for having me. always good to be with you. the vice presidential position is a very important position. no question about that and can be used in a very effective way. and there are a lot of people on the republican side who would make wonderful vice president. you need to have somebody who thinks out of the box. who is original in the way that they do things. and someone who is very supportive of the policies of the president. and the other side doesn't have that. obviously. and they don't have very many choices. and it's much more important on that side because biden is very old, physiologically is he a lot

4:48 pm

older than 81. physiologically trump is a lot younger than 78. so, there's much greater chance that something will happen to biden and that they don't have a good replacement for him. so, what we really need to concentrate on the republican side, however, is making sure we get trump into office, because they have already thrown everything, including the kitchen sink at him trying to get him out. they don't want to run against him. they don't want to run against his policies, you know, they tried to gag him. i mean, this is the most ridiculous thing that's going on. but as i have told him, if god wants him in that position, they can't stop him. >> kayleigh: that is wise and brilliant advice. you know, you will be with trump tomorrow. this is announced by the campaign tomorrow. it's called the black american business leaders round shop table. it will be in atlanta. you will be there with president trump ahead of the debate. what will we see at this round table? >> well, hopefully, we will see people who are willing to talk

4:49 pm

about the things that are good for their community. and the previous administration, when president trump was in office, a lot of great things were done for the black community. and there are a number of rallies at the white house, with young black people, incredibly enthusiastic, you didn't see a whole lot about that in the media. but i was there. and i saw the enthusiasm, it is only grown since that time. and we'll be talking about the things that actually work. not only for the black community, but for all the communities. one of the things that you might notice about president trump, is that he believes that a rising tide lifts all boats. is he not going to go around playing identity politics and pitting one group against the other. he wants to work for america. and i think all americans during his administration saw their tides rising. they saw, you know, the ability to buy a homes, increase significantly. american dream increased

4:50 pm

significantly. no one has american dream anymore. it's an american nightmare. can you see the importance of the elections. it's so critical. not only to get him in office but down the line. >> kayleigh: what you said is so important. i remember when i was speaking with president trump ahead of the second debate that he did. you know, i mentioned you should mention to voters that you will lose about 6500 in income if biden wins. they have actually lost way more than that and you compare that to trump and the gains the black community was making. median income going up 8% for the black community. trump needs to bring this up on the debate stage. >> and i hope he will talk about the things that he has done and compare those to the things that have happened since he left office. compare, you know, what's happened with energy. becoming energy independent, because we use the gift that we have the fossil fuels while at the same time have the cleanest air and water that we have ever had. using that to bolster the

4:51 pm

economic foundation. and that worked for people. and explaining to people how that works. and explaining to people how government intervention instead of allowing the market forces to work leads to something that we have now, which is not something very good. >> kayleigh: dr. carson a "yes" or "no" answer. will you be at the debate or watch party one of the two on thursday. >> yes. i'll be there. >> kayleigh: okay. because trump said his v.p. pick will be at the debate. i had to ask. dr. carson, thank you. up next, whoopi spits on "the view." literally spits. and morgan embracing the lifestyle of doing absolutely nothing. jimmy failla is an expert on that and more, next. [laughter] , ♪

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4:57 pm

host of fox news saturday night, a great show, check it out. i don't know if you know this or if you watch the view, i don't, but will be colbert is a person on the view, she's like the lead she typically will not refer to trump by name, she calls him as you know who, you know who that is, but she accidentally said trump today and here's what happened. >> why can't you can't anything with him because he just, when i say him i mean -- >> he rambles. >> trump, he tends to just. >> and i mention 1 thing? [ cheering and applause ] did you just say his name? >> kayleigh: did she actually spit? she might have. it wouldn't be the dumbest thing that's come out of her mouth on the view. but what, is he double door from harry potter?

4:58 pm

he must not be named? but this is so immature. this is the performance art aspect. trump used to go on the view all the time, he was friends with barbara walters, so so much of this is just child play acting, like oh my god i can't believe i said donald's name. what, are we in seventh grade? >> kayleigh: i have so many questions, like what doctor foul she approve of that spitting? >> where's the social distancing on that 1? >> kayleigh: and who had to clean that up? i hope she didn't actually spit. this topic is interesting. some jed said taking things to a new level. i love gen z but here's what they say, there's a growing cohort of gen-zers who are refusing to grow up and embrace life's milestones, instead opting to become which stands for not an employment, education or training. >> we just called them losers

4:59 pm

growing up. you are contributing nothing. the fact that there's this pride in like i'm not going to do anything. i understand where it comes from, they are feeling defeated because it's too expensive to buy a house, too hard to save money, so i empathize in that regard but you are supposed to fight through anyway. it's tell this to my son, nobody is going that hard. if a guy like me who went to community college and majored in atari can get a tv show, everyone watching this at home right now could be like secretary of the interior by the end of the week. it's actually a better time to go hard then 10 lean into the whole quiet quitting thing. >> kayleigh: good advice but as a millennial we were all called lazy so i'm with you, gen z, i've got you. jimmy, the best catch and major-league baseball last night wasn't on the field. watch this. >> good deception. josh naylor wax 1 down the line and foul. caught by the one guy out there who's got a drink and a phone in his hand.

5:00 pm

what! >> kayleigh: my husband played for the orioles, great stadium, great catch, i just wish he had a baby with the beer. >> isn't it a commentary on how expensive beer has gotten that he did not drop the beer to catch the ball? he one-handed it because there was no way he was losing that 83-dollar beer. >> kayleigh: i would not drop the beer if it was like -- >> you have problems i'm trying not to address on the air. just kidding, i hold you one. >> kayleigh: i do drop the bud light. >> it's the right thing to do. but they did not even catch a ball. >> kayleigh: but i would hold the jai alai. jimmy, thank you. in henderson, nevada next weekend. that's it for us tonight. i'm in for lower ink room, next up, "jesse watters primetime". >> jesse: welcome to jesse watters "primetime", tonight. >> if he does flop so hard eve

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