SmartStyle Hair Salon(Inside Walmart) - Coldwater, MI 49036 - Services and Reviews (2024)

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At Smartstyles, Coldwater, our team of talented and dedicated hairdressers is available to assist you with all of your hair needs. Every time a client visits the salon, our team of skilled hairdressers will go above and beyond their expectations by exploring the latest trends to keep them informed of the newest looks. We are the best salon in Coldwater. So, if you’ve been daydreaming about having the perfect hair, our stylists can handle all of your hair care requirements and preferences, from styling and cutting to extensions, coloring, perms, and relaxers. We’ve got you covered at the cheapest price in Coldwater.

SmartStyle Hair Salon(Inside Walmart) - Coldwater, MI 49036 - Services and Reviews (1)

Located In: Walmart Supercenter



Thursday9 AM–8 PM
Friday9 AM–8 PM
Saturday9 AM–8 PM
Sunday10 AM–6 PM

(Washington’s Birthday)

9 AM–8 PM

Hours might differ

Tuesday9 AM–8 PM
Wednesday9 AM–8 PM


Waxing Hair Removal Service
Arm hair removal
Back hair removal
Chest hair removal
Chin waxing
Ear hair removal
Eyebrow waxing
Facial hair removal
Foot hair removal
Hair threading
Hairline waxing
Laser hair removal
Leg hair removal
Lip hair removal
Men’s waxing
Neck hair removal
Organic waxing
Stomach hair removal
Strip waxing
Underarm hair removal
Hair Salon
Beard trim
Curly hair
Eyebrow threading
Hair coloring
Hair glossing
Hair highlighting
Hair hydration treatments
Hair straightening
Ombre hair color
Adult Cut
Adult Haircut
All Hair Styles
Anti Frizz
Apply Color
Beard Trims
Beauty Salons
Beauty Schools
Blow Outs
C O L O R Services
Cancer Therapy
Clipper Cut
Color Change
Color Packages
Color Touchup
Colour & Highlights
Conditioning Treatments
Cosmetology School
Curl Enhancing
Curling / Flat Iron
Cut & Shampoo
Deep Conditioner
Deep Conditioning Treatments
Dry Styles
Everyday Style
Face Framing
Face Wax
Facial Hair
Finishing Spray
Flat Iron
Flat Iron/Curls
Formal Styling
Full Face
Full Highlights & Cut
Full Highlights Color
Full Style
Gray Blending
Gray Coverage
Hair And Scalp Treatment
Hair Blow Dry
Hair Cut Only
Hair Length
Hair Model
Hair Prep
Hair Routine
Hair Shaping
Hair Style Tips
Hair Styles Advice
Hair Styles Men’s
Hair Stylists
Hair Treatment
Hair Treat­ment
Haircuts Woman
Hairstyle Advice
Highlights And Lowlights
Hormonal Therapies
Kid’s Hairstyles
Kids’ Haircuts
Kids’ Haircuts
Latest Style
Limp Hair
Lip/ Chin Waxing
Loose Hair
Men’s Hair Styles
Men’s Hair Styles
Men’s Haircuts
Mini Highlights
Natural Styles
New Growth
New Hairstyle
Partial Highlight
Partial Highlights & Cut
Party Services
Perfect Hairstyle
Perms (Includes Haircut)
Relaxing Scalp Massage
Repairs Damaged Hair
Root Lifting
Root Touch
Root Touch-Up
Scalp Massage
Sculpting Gel
Sexy Hair Style
Shampoo Only
Short Hair Style
Short Layers
Silk Press
Special Event
Special Occasion Hair
Specialty Styles
Taper Cut
Textures Style
Texturizing Treatments
Upper Lip
Upper Lip/ Chin
Volumizing Spray
Wearing Masks
Women’s Hair Styles
Women’s Haircuts
Women’s Haircuts
Women’s Hairstyles
Barber Shop
Shampoo & conditioning
Beauty Salon
Makeup services
Facial Waxing

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 800 E Chicago St, Coldwater, MI 49036

Phone: (517) 279-7772


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Shirley Nystrom

I am so impressed with how friendly everyone is at this salon. I am especially impressed with Stefanie. She was so caring and fixed my mistakes I made with my attempts to color my own hair. She was very professional and really knows her job. She was so excited at the final results and should be I love what she did for my hair and the color. Thank you Stefanie, I will be back for future needs!

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Susan Bates (Queenbee517)

Tommy did an awesome job on my son’s hair. Highly recommend him for anyone with a special needs child. He was very patient and understanding with our specific needs.Haircut

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RS 1234 (Rosemadder)

Stefanie was a wonderful hairstylist with a personality that made you feel at home…my son said she definitely knows how to cut hair …love Loki/Iron man

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I did an appointment by internet and I was punctual (4:45pm). They said okay, just wait a few minutes. After 15 minutes waiting they said, we can’t do your haircut because we don’t have enough staff and we are full. There was only a customer and 3 staff, was empty. So they rescheduled my appointment for the next day. I’m very disappointed, I will never come back. I did my haircut in Great Clips (walk-in) it is a nice place, I recommend it.

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Walter Dollar

What has happened to costumer service go in walk to the counter stylist rolls eyes at me and ask if I had an appointment which I didn’t but no one was there and was told they were all booked up.

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Timothy Gallagher

Stephanie and tommy are top notch did their jobs great

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Casey Moorman

Not a favorite, was passing through and had luck at other SmartStyle locations. This one was a little more expensive than normal and a little less professional than I’m used to. Acceptable but not outstanding.

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Lauren Galinis

This was a bad idea to get my 7 year olds hair cut here the lady chopped his hair all up can’t fix it I wish we had the power to fire them she be goneKids’ cuts

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Jon Potter

Went in at 907. She had just finished her first haircut. Her next appointment was at 930 told me she didn’t have time to cut my hair. So I made an appointment for 10. As I sat there I watched Stephanie basically lose 3 customers including myself when I realized that I was going to be waiting another 20 minutes if I stayed. Learn to hustle or find a new career.

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Stephanie Smith

Stefanie did an amazing job. I love the color! Thank you.

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SmartStyle Hair Salon(Inside Walmart) - Coldwater, MI 49036 - Services and Reviews (2024)


Does Walmart own SmartStyle? ›

SmartStyle Hair Salons are proud to be part of Regis Corporation, the largest owner and leading operator of hair salons in the world. Located inside of Walmart, SmartStyle has 35,000 potential guests walking by the front door of the salon every week - no other salon can match that.

Can I cut my hair at Walmart? ›

Book Now. Download the App Get Hair Done with the new SmartStyle app. With the app you can locate a SmartStyle hair salon near you, book in advance, find out estimated wait times and check in guests. Your next haircut or color is just a tap away.​ Learn More * Online booking available at participating locations only.

Who owns Walmart hair salon? ›

With franchises in nearly all of the states in the U.S., SmartStyle hair salon offers full-service hair care salons with locations in Walmart stores. SmartStyle is owned by Regis Corporation, which was founded in 1922 by Paul and Florence Kunin.

Is SmartStyle a franchise? ›

The SmartStyle franchise is a chain of hair salons that offer hairstyling, hair cutting, waxing and hair coloring services. In addition to providing a quality service, the brand is conveniently located in Walmart stores, which will drive traffic to your location.

Where does Walmart get its clothing from? ›

Yes, Walmart sources a significant portion of its inventory of clothing from overseas, particularly from countries in Asia, such as China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India.

Does a Chinese company own Walmart? ›

Does China own Walmart? Of course not! Walmart is a US based company, whose shares are mostly held by Sam Walton's family, with a large number of other shares owned by various entities including Berkshire Hathaway and dozens of mutual funds.

Should I wash my hair before a haircut? ›

Short answer: Clean hair please! While we want you to feel pampered and enjoy the experience of a relaxing shampoo, it's ideal for first time clients to visit the salon with clean hair.

Do you tip the person who cuts your hair? ›

Tipping is one way to show appreciation for your hairdresser's time and effort. A 20% tip may be standard, but the percentage can vary. More complex jobs or a stylist that went above and beyond might merit a bigger tip. If service was poor, a little less might be appropriate.

What do hairdressers do with the hair they cut off? ›

Most of the hair waste in a lot of hair salons is usually disposed of in general waste. To put a figure on this its about 99%, the other 1% can be donated to various charities for wigs and hair extensions.

Who is the guy that owns Walmart? ›

Sam Walton's strategy is built on an unshakeable foundation: the lowest prices anytime, anywhere. On July 2, 1962, Sam Walton opens the first Walmart store in Rogers, Arkansas. The Walton family owns 24 stores, ringing up $12.7 million in sales. The company officially incorporates as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Who is the mother company of Walmart? ›

It is a publicly traded family-owned business, as the company is controlled by the Walton family. Sam Walton's heirs own over 50 percent of Walmart through both their holding company Walton Enterprises and their individual holdings.

Does Walmart do hair color? ›

Visit a SmartStyle Hair Salon located inside Walmart and take a moment to enjoy a quality salon experience. Each location is staffed with professional, trained stylists, offering a wide variety of salon services at affordable prices—from men's and women's haircuts and hair color services to perms and waxing.

Who bought SmartStyle? ›

Regis Corp., making progress toward its goal of selling corporate-owned salons, announced a deal with Yellowhammer Salon Group to take over 121 SmartStyle locations.

Who bought smart styles Walmart? ›

Regis Corp. said Thursday it will sell 121 of its SmartStyle locations, located within Walmart Inc., stores, to a franchisee salon owner. In a statement, the Edina-based hair salon business said the newly formed Yellowhammer Salon Group will take over the stores, located mostly in the southeastern United States.

How many SmartStyle locations are there? ›

How many SmartStyle locations are there in United States? There are a total of 1730 smartstyle locations in United States as of April 26, 2023 The city with the most number of SmartStyle locations in the United States is San Antonio with 10 locations, which is 1% of all smartstyle locations in United States.

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